Mr. Zaeem Tasfin Bari
Managing Director
Star Bangla Technical Training Center

Bangladesh is now a fast growing developing Country & gradually getting the shape of transforming into a mid-level developing Country by the year 2021. How to achieve this goal is really a matter of concern to many economic thinkers. But economic activities are going on its own way & a major portion of our foreign remittance is coming from overseas employment as a fillip to our boosting economic strength.

We observe from our present experience that this huge foreign exchange is the residue of our large unskilled workers doing inferior job in overseas markets. If we could train them up & make them skilled though advanced training, they could get better job at higher salary & fetch substantial foreign exchange for the country.

Before 10 years in our country the member of Technical Educated & Trained manpower under Technical Education & Vocational Training (TEVT) was below 0.8%. But in all developed countries of the world the number varies above 60-70%. Due to pragmatic policy of the Government in collaboration with different Technical Agencies, it now stands up 8%. The Government is determined to raise this number to 20% looking into vision 2021. We as a Technical imparting Institute, become a long time partner of this program.

There is a good prospect of direct foreign investment in our Country. But it may face total set back due to the absence of Technically Skilled man power. We can overcome this problem only if we can train up huge Technically Skilled manpower. This will play a definite role in nation building economic development of the Country.

A man's individual professional skill is not the single most factors for his good working performance leading to a better way of life. In a modern society almost all people are working in a team. On the other hand working in different places & with different people are getting challenging because of lacking in other exclusive of life.

In our Training Institute when we impart training on different trades, besides academic lesion which covers Theoretical & Practical aspects, we also include in all program significantly highlight the importance of Psychological & Physical activities of every individuals. We assist them to developing his social skills, interpersonal skills, hardworking attitude in order make him understand the needs of such knowledge in the mind set of the individual in an unknown place with unknown people to sufficiently build him up to withstand himself in an adverse situation.

To contribute to Bangladesh and the World through excellence in scientific and technical education, research and skill; to serve as a valuable resource for industry and society; and remain a source of pride for all Bangladeshies.

RPL (Reorganization of Prior Learning) Course. Under BTEB. STEP Project. A & B program.

Plumbing & Pipe fitting. 360 hours modular Training Courses. And RPL (Reorganization of Prior Learning) Course.
Electrical House Wiring & Installation. 360 hours modular Training Courses. And RPL Course.

Bangladesh has developed and dapprved National Skill Develop Policy-2011, also developed and dapproved dCourse Accreditation Document under NTVQF, amend BTEB Act. , established CBT&A (Competency Based Training and Assessment) cell in BTEB.

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the process for recognising learning that has come from experience and/or previous formal, non-formal and informal learning.

This could include knowledge and skills gained formal learning situations such as through life and work experiences or even through a hobby.

RPL can be used by a wide range of people either to help them re-enter learning or to contribute towards a programme of learning or simply to identify their skills in order to progress in their career. Through RPL it may be possible to make a claim for CBT&A which can achieve the required Skill qualification.

Bangladesh Technical Education Board is certifying authority in Bangladesh for RPl certification. Seven steps have designed for the RPL level skill certification for the candidate. (NPVC - 1, NPVC - 2, NSC 1, NSC 2, NSC 3, NSC 4, NSC-5, Level-6)

Presently 10 numbers of Institutes are conducting the RPL (NPVC-2) Exmination under BTEB. These institutes are reconiged as a (CBT&A-RPL) examination center under BTEB. Star Bangla Technical Training Center is one of the recognized RPL examination center under BTEB.

Duct Fabrication, Erection & Insulation , 360 hours modular Training Courses.
Shuttering & Finishing Carpentry , 360 hours modular Training Courses.
Mason work, Tiles fitting, Block setting , 360 hours modular Training Courses.
Cleaning & Housekeeping , 360 hours modular Training Courses.
Rod Binding & Rod layering for concert casting , 360 hours modular Training Courses.

The Social skill of human being's takes long time to develop. Family, Society, environment and Educational procedure have a great influence for human Social Skill development activities. People who are leaving country for jobs to other places are almost from the rural areas & also present time in city life & working places has developed so many different norms & safety factors. Most of that people are not well aware with above facts. Discipline, hard work & dynamic attitude can stabilize more productivity. So we have developed the Social Skill development method for the dynamic professionals, for better living & better work in any new place .

Note: Some time the people can't move from his area. For staying in city areas they have expenditure. That cases local community or any social groups are arranging a short training program for the local craftsman or for the different professionals. Like (Agricultural Farmer, Fish, Cattle, Poultry, Furniture carpenter, Sheet metal) worker, Women's needle work etc. We are arranging a 3 to 6 days long short program with different service group along with our Instructors. They are staying at the area during training period. Giving the idea of proper measurement, related production technology for their better productivity. Training cost depends upon the distance & numbers of participant. It is totally nonprofit service for the Society.

Our future approch into start a mobile training vechicle center & floting boat skill center for informal skill & crafts developments for remote areas for the under preveliged groups.

This approach of training comprise 90 days, 24 hours scheduled (16 Hours routine: morning 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. ) events considering the physical fitness and mental growth with social interference less, isolated green & clean infrastructure environment from social evils through which a Diploma Engineer, H.S.C. Vocational and other qualified young's can discover his strength and opportunities. It's a buffer bridge in between institutional academic output and world of work for a diploma Engineer, H.S.C. Vocational and other qualified young's (having 12 class schooling). Having the age below 25 years. This training include 11 generic and sector specific competencies for enabling to plan, determine & set the goal of his career, to develop the life skill attributes including technical interpretation & linguistic communication with others locally & globally.

Arranging & Participating Skill & Career Development Seminar for Professional Awareness.

Professional & Job skill Training awareness seminar are being conducted on regular basis all over the Bangladesh.


In global perspective a silent revolution in the pattern of training for domestic & overseas employment is taking place. The idea of conventional method has been changed. The training method is now a total combination of Skill, Engineering & Information Technology so that if one participate in such program can prove him equally important & prove him worth at every level of his working place wherever he intends to work our promises will be to fulfill all these factors of training for the best interest of the working class.

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